Why do children fall ill
more severely than adults?

Immature immune processes pose a high risk of complications and a longer period of virus elimination1.
Low production of interferons, proteins actively combating the virus. The adult level is achieved by 12–18 years1.
Immune processes in the mucosae are immature, their protective properties are reduced1.
Intoxication symptoms (muscle pain, fever, shiver) are usually more pronounced than in adults.

Polyoxidonium®: combined action
for ARVI and influenza treatment

The drug can:

reduce the viral load2 due to the increase in own interferon production
alleviate the disease severity by reducing inflammation and intoxication3
prevent bacterial complications4
boost mucosae protective properties due to increased production of lysozyme5

Pharmaceutical form

Children aged 3 years and older

Schedule of administration of tablets 12 mg
for the treatment of acute respiratory infections

From 3 to 10 years
½ of a tablet
2 times a day sublingually
7 days course
From 10 years
1 tablet
2 times a day sublingually
7 days course
Children aged 6 years and older

Suppositories 6 mg
for the treatment of acute respiratory infections

From 6 years
1 suppository 6 mg
1 time a day
10 days course

Polyoxidonium® can take care of every child

The Polyoxidonium® action is well known: the properties of the drug have been confirmed by many studies, including the highest standard of evidence-based medicine — a meta-analysis of studies among children from 3 to 18 years old3
Compatible with many drugs5
Chemically pure drug, does not contain antigens of animal or plant origin. Suitable for children with allergic pathologies5
20-year experience in therapy and pediatrics
Polyoxidonium® does not cause hyperactivation of the immune system6

Polyoxidonium® for the prevention of viral infections

2020 showed once again the importance of immunity when facing a viral infection. It's important to support children's immunity throughout the year.

Polyoxidonium® can have prolonged preventive action:

  • helps boost immunity5,
  • activates factors of early protection from viral infections5,
  • reduces ARVI and influenza reoccurrence7.

The major part of the children can be excluded from the group of frequently and chronically ill children after the treatment8.

Dosing schedule of Polyoxidonium® tablets 12 mg for the prevention of acute respiratory infections

Children aged 3–10 years
For the prevention of acute respiratory infections
½ of a tablet
1 time a day sublingually
7 days course
Children aged 10 years and older
For the prevention of acute respiratory infections
1 tablet
1 time a day sublingually
7 days course
In case of any drug-associated adverse events or any claims to the product quality, please contact NPO Petrovax Pharm, LLC:
Or use pharmacovigilance feedback page: http://petrovax.ru/medication/safety
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